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“Follow your dreams. They know the way…”


Sunshine Duchess


Mom of 3; CPT & NPC Nationally qualified bikini athlete, specializing in transformation, pre and post natal, contest prep, bridal transformation, and general fitness.
Serial plantain chip eater.


CWI, Burnout BANDitz, BALL UP!, TRXnEFFEX, Rock the Bells, TOP Remix, Wildcard WOD, Slow Ur Roll, Crazy 8s


Self-Proclaimed: Maverick
Favorite Food: Tacos
Inspired by: people that just “go for it”
Hobbies: Chasing unicorns and rainbows
Goals: To be chillin on top of the world
Likes: Anything sea salt caramel
Dislikes: Any form of judgement
Quirky talent: Can rap the entire Tribe Called Quest’s song “Scenario”

Why you chose fitness as a career?

Fitness is our foundation to having energy that leads to happiness, and motivation, that drives us to succeed. Happy people = A better world.

What makes you a great coach/instructor?

I’m addicted to their progress I strive to connect with all of my clients, creating personal relationships.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”


Kitty Kali

Serial coffee drinker; peanut butter eater

Self-Proclaimed: Cat mom
Coffee Addict
Favorite Food: Sushi
Inspired by: My grandmother and great-aunt – two strong women!
Hobbies: Embarrassing my sister
Goals: Inner Peace
Likes: Ice cream
Dislikes: Cheese – I know I am usually alone here.
Quirky talent: Can move my shoulder out of its socket – DO NOT try this at home!

Why you chose fitness as a career?

More than just the physical it’s also about the mental. Fitness impacts one’s mental state. People feel good after working out and I want people to feel that happiness.

What makes you a great coach/instructor?

I want to emotionally connect with my class – if each person can walk away with some inner peace or a little confidence boost after my class, I have done my job.

“With brave wings, she flies.” “It is nice to be important, but it is important to be nice.”


The Blonde Bombshell

Second grade teacher, Two Master Degrees, Fitness Instructor
Serial Wine drinker
CWI, Burnout BANDitz, BALL UP!, TRXnEFFEX, TOP Remix

Self-Proclaimed: TV star (Racheal Ray, Dr. Oz, Yankee Game)
Doritos Addict
Favorite Food: Chicken cutlets, seafood
Inspired by: Motivating people
Hobbies: Molding the young minds of the future, rooting for the Yankees and Giants
Goals: To travel around the world
Likes: Smiles, hugs and laughing
Dislikes: Unkind people, negative vibes, confrontation
Quirky talent: Bringing out my inner Marisa Tomei and reciting lines from “My Cousin Vinny”
“Imagine you’re a deer…”

Why you chose fitness as a career?

Being fit is not only about what you see on the outside, it is also about what you don’t see. When I started on my fitness journey it was a way to find myself again and to do something that was only for me. Once I learned that, it was hard to give it up.

What makes you a great coach/instructor?

I believe my positive and bubbly energy is what makes me a great coach. I love to see the transformation of people. I love to know that I have the ability to help them reach their goals, both physically and mentally.

“All progress takes place outside your comfort zone.”

The Witty Warrior

Certified Personal Trainer
Serial exerciser
360 Body Blitz, WOD, & CWI

Self-Proclaimed: Sarcastic Nazi
Peanut Butter Addict
Favorite Food: Peanut butter fudge ice cream
Inspired by: Shaun T
Hobbies: Glamping, being outdoors/enjoying the weather & taking care of sick doggies (I’m pretty sure that is my mission in life).
Goals: Be the best version of ME
Likes: Camping, Boxing, Leg day, Breweries, & Dogs!
Dislikes: Running
Quirky talent: I can name all the counties in NJ in alphabetical order (Thanks Mrs. Walsh)

Why you chose fitness as a career?

I was too short to be a Radio City Rockette 😊

What makes you a great coach/instructor?

I see the potential in clients and make them work hard to achieve their goals.

“The net’s unbreakable; so don’t worry about falling.”

The HIIT Hippie

Mom to two amazing girls, Certified Kickboxing Instructor, CPR certified, upper elementary/middle school teacher, staying sane on most days
Serial Hula Hooper,
Phish Phan, music lover, cat whisperer, energy healer, Oscillates between Zen Goddess and Badass Warrior Babe
CWI, TOP Remix, Body Blitz, Rock the Bells, Slow UR Roll

Self Proclaimed: Healthy Hippie; Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes; Crazy Cat Lady; Chocoholic
Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Addict
Favorite Food: Mom’s lasagna
Inspired by: My daughters and people with positive energy
Hobbies: Creating, reading, music listening, chaos coordinating
Goals: To play the part of Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture show during a live showing of the movie, and also making everything sparkle and vibrate with love and light.
Likes: Music, cats, and laughing until my sides are hurting.
Dislikes: Negative vibes and cilantro
Quirky talent: I can turn my elbows inside out

Why you chose fitness as a career?
Being fit and healthy makes me feel empowered and strong. It also sets a body positive image for my girls. I like to transfer that energy to others by showing them it isn’t about a number on a scale, but how amazing healthy feels on the inside and out.
What makes you a great coach/instructor?
My positive energy. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

 “Spread LOVE as thick as you would Nutella.”


Million Dollar Baby

Self Proclaimed Boxing World Champion
Kickboxing Addict.
Certified Kickboxing Instructor, CPT
Serial Nutella eater
TKO Inferno, CWI, Crazy 8s

Favorite Food: Eggplant Parm
Inspired by: My clients
Goals: To live a long, happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
Hobbies: working out, stalking Justin Timberlake, eating, listening to Justin Timberlake’s music, shopping, liking Justin Timberlake’s insta pictures….
Likes: long romantic walks to the fridge at 1am
Dislikes: Excuses
Quirky talent: I can sing the whole Greek alphabet song … wait is that a talent?

Why you chose fitness as a career?

Fitness is not just about looking good, although that is a major attribute. It is a complete mood enhancer, health booster, confidence builder, and form of therapy that you just can’t get anywhere else! When I discovered this for myself, I knew immediately that I wanted to help put it out into the world.

What makes you a great coach/instructor?

Something that makes me a great coach/instructor is always keeping in mind that I was once at “day one” of my fitness journey, and knowing that it isn’t always an easy process, it takes a lot of work, and that I am STILL working and learning every day, therefore I can completely relate to my clients. I LOVE watching their progress!

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