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This program gives you the accountability and workout plan of having a personal trainer, the flexibility of having a class schedule, and the variety of a full-service gym.



Find the best plan or class that suits your needs. With our competitive pricing we’ll make sure that you get the most bang for your buck!



We all have our down days but our coaches are here  for you! Receive weekly check ins with your coach  to help you stick to your goals.  



Our workouts may be tough but you’ll leave feeling your best self. 



Our goal is to help you find the program and schedule that best suits your fitness goals 

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TOP’s Hybrid Fitness program is a revolutionary fitness plan that is affordable, flexible, fun, and most importantly results are FAIL PROOF.

Here are TOP’s current classes that are available following COVID-19 restrictions. These workouts are available for morning, evening & virtual!  

Lower Body Circuit Werq It

Everyone knows you should never skip leg day and here at TOP we like to make sure of that. This class helps you to build lean muscle while shaping your legs, hips, and butt. Our goal is to help you strengthen muscles in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Doing these classes, you can expect your body to get stronger, tighter, and leaner. Along with improved muscular, core strength, and endurance, people who participate in this type of training usually have an easier time moving through activities of daily living without injuries.

(Mandatory RSVP for each class.)

Upper Body Circuit WErq It

Our Upper Body Circuit targets your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. On these training days, we like to mix up which muscle groups you’re using but we make sure that you see and feel the results. Upper Body workouts help to improve your posture not only for physical activities but for your day to day ones as well.  These classes help to reduce the risk of injury while improving flexibility in those key areas. Building and strengthening your upper body will help burn more fat and help you ease into other exercises.

(Mandatory RSVP for each class.)

hiit & cardiovascular training

The “Cherry Pickers”. These are exercises that raise your heart rate, and deliver more oxygen and blood flow to your muscles. High intensity interval training and non-stop cardio classes have been added into various spots in the weekly schedule to act as a catalyst in boosting your progress, and fat loss. Mandatory RSVP for each class.

360° Body Blitz

The 360° Body Blitz is pefect if you are more motivated by group workouts. Currently only available Saturday Mornings with limited spaces, this class gives you everything you need to keep those muscle pumping. This strength and conditioning bootcamp torches calories, all while having fun. Put your stamina to the test with this total-body fat blaster. This class combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometric, and compound exercises with supersets, and more. The “RESULTS” are consistent and measurable gains. Try not to love it!

(Mandatory RSVP for each class.)

Burnout BANDitz

Resistance Band Training offers plenty of benefits. Working out with bands can offer you a bit more variety and flexibility to your workout. Being one of the most beneficial workouts in terms of gaining muscle, resistance bands preventyou from using momentum challenging your endurance progression. In no time you will increase your reps at a faster pace with reduced risk of injury while building your muscles throughout your body. 

(Mandatory RSVP for each class.)

WildCard Class

Welcome to the WildCard Class! This class is like reaching into a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get until the day of. This class was designed to keep you away from hitting a plataue and pushing your body passed its limits. One week you might get cardio and abs or maybe you’ll go full force on full body. We know as the week looms on its easy to lose that bit of motivation as the weekend approaches. The WildCard Class is a great way to boost your endurance and stamina. 

(Mandatory RSVP for each class.)


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“Never thought I’d stick to any kind of fitness program. but here I am!”

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