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Train on Purpose’s Hybrid Fitness program is a revolutionary fitness plan that is affordable, flexible, fun, and most importantly results are FAIL PROOF.



Find the best plan or class that suits your needs. With our competitive pricing we’ll make sure that you get the most bang for your buck!



We all have our down days but our coaches are here  for you! Receive weekly check ins with your coach  to help you stick to your goals.  



Our workouts may be tough but you’ll leave feeling your best self. 



Our goal is to help you find the program and schedule that best suits your fitness goals 

Welcome to Train on Purpose

This program gives you the accountability and workout plan of having a personal trainer, the flexibility of having a class schedule, and the variety of a full-service gym.

Resistance & functional training

The most classes available in this category. Doing these classes, you can expect your body to get stronger, tighter and leaner. Along with improved muscular, core strength and endurance, people who participate in this type of training usually have an easier time moving through activities of daily living without injuries.  Mandatory RSVP for each class.

hiit & cardiovascular training

The “Cherry Pickers”. These are exercises that raise your heart rate, and deliver more oxygen and blood flow to your muscles. High intensity interval training and non-stop cardio classes have been added into various spots in the weekly schedule to act as a catalyst in boosting your progress, and fat loss. Mandatory RSVP for each class.

flexibility training & recovery

These classes have been added in as a bonus and round out our program as the “TRIFECTA”.  These classes that promote muscle recovery, and both lengthen and stretch muscles.  A well stretched muscle can help prevent injuries, back problems, and easily achieves its full range of motion.  Music, relaxation and breathing techniques are added and used to relax the muscles, center the body mind and spirit. Leaving you a “oneness” that is sure to keep you balanced throughout your daily life.


More than 2000 clients love us




“Since this quarantine I have been able to do the recorded classes on my own time, especially since becoming a mom I could never commit to class time! I am down 15 lbs as of this morning and all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit even better than they did before becoming pregnant with Thea! I’m even able to wear the tops I wasn’t confident enough to wear in the past! Thank you Leah for being able to put an amazing virtual gym together so quickly after the shut down! It has been the best decision I have made to be able to get back to doing your workouts!”

“Leah Fairchild lives and loves what she teaches. She knows how to train, and she knows how to inspire others to change their lifestyle and love it too. There’s no screaming, no belittling…just positive confidence building and great results!”

“Never thought I’d stick to any kind of fitness program. but here I am. Being held accountable by Leah, seeing results, and feeling better! Working out has become part of my lifestyle and I am grateful to be a partof this lifelong journey at TOP.”

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