Our leg day class is never short of squats, lunges, and everything else you need to build a stronger lower half. Get ready to grow those glutes, conquer those calves, & fortify the hamstring & quad squad.

Tuesday - UPPER BODY

Tuesdays are dedicated to upper body. This class offers a perfect split each week to make sure your upper body is strong & toned! Combining HIIT training, super sets and plyometrics that burn fat you will be tank top ready all year round.  


This class will push you to give 100% of yourself through quick, intense intervals. Get your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. HIIT HARD and HIIT QUICK!!


This class is the exercise version of a choose your own adventure book. Focusing on at least two body parts that weren’t done earlier in the week, this class is sure to keep you guessing and those muscles growing.

FRIDAY - Burnout BANDitz

BURN a little rubber and a whole lot of FAT with this comprehensive full-body workout class. Challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body with the use of loop and mini resistance bands.

Saturday - 360 Body Blitz

Strength and Conditioning BOOTCAMP. Torch calories, have fun and put your stamina to the test with this total-body fat blaster. 

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