What is

Hybrid Fitness?

Hybrid Fitness

There is no one style of training that works. Any style of fitness will result in hitting a plateau anywhere from 90-120 days.

Train on Purpose Studio (TOP) offers a hybrid fitness program approach by creating a workout program designed to hit all muscle groups each week, while eliminating the plateau allowing you to achieve desired results quickly.

What is the method?

TOP’s main goal may be to give you the best results you’ve ever had but we also want you to have fun and to feel empowered. We take pride in combining different types of training to keep you engaged and interested while creating a tribe vibe. It doesn’t matter what level of training you are we will do everything it takes for you to exceed the goals you set for yourself.

What you’re going to improve

With our program, you will improve a little bit of everything. Your strength and endurance will constantly be challenged giving you well-rounded growth to your fitness. You’ll be gaining muscle and losing fat in no time!

Our Specialities

• Circuit training which develops muscle endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

• High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT in which develops strength, speed, and muscular endurance.

• Plyometric training which develops explosive power. Modification movements always offered.

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