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What’s our history?

Train on Purpose (TOP) Studio Hybrid Fitness started off in Lyndhurst, New Jersey back in 2018 when Leah Fairchild decided to quit her job, leave everything she knew, and follow her passion diving into the world of fitness. A world primarily dominated by men TOP offers an affordable, flexible, and fun fitness program for women by women. 
Our mission is to build a community that helps to empower women on a global scale no matter the age, lifestyle, or fitness goal. Bringing the gym straight into your home, achieve your desired results while embracing your inner goddess. 

Meet Leah

Being an advocate of health and fitness for 25+ years I wanted to not only create a fitness program but a platform that inspires and empowers women from all walks of life. 

Knowing that not everyone has the luxury of making it to the gym or maybe they’re intimidated, I wanted to create a space where women could be themselves and have fun while getting in the best shape of their lives.

I want to be an example to women everywhere that you should never be afraid to follow your dreams. Whether you’re a woman trying to balance getting an education, having a career, starting a family, or trying to do it all I need you to remember that you are amazing. If there was something else that you had hoped to do or accomplish, please go for it. It is possible to achieve all of your goals, while still maintaining your own health. As long as you have love and support along the way, you can make it happen. Things get tough, but as women, we are so much tougher!

Train on Purpose’s Hybrid Fitness program is a revolutionary fitness plan that is affordable, flexible, fun, and most importantly results are FAIL PROOF. As your coach, I will make sure that I bring that extra boost of energy and positivity to help you push through. Success is our only option!

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