Our Trainers
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Leah Fairchild
CWI, Rock the bells, Power hour, Crazy 8s, Body blitz

Leah Fairchild
Aka: Sunshine Duchess
Mom of 3; NPC Nationally qualified bikini athlete, CPT, specializing in transformation, pre and post natal, contest prep, bridal transformation, and general fitness
Serial plantain chip eater; Passionista; Tomboy, self proclaimed maverick; positivity engager; comedian in some cultures, completely insane in others; team toilet paper roll under; Monopoly game table flipper.
Food Addict
Favorite Food: Tacos
Inspired by: people that just “go for it”
Hobbies: Chasing unicorns and rainbows
Goals: To be chillin on top of the world
Likes: Anything sea salt caramel
Dislikes: Any form of judgement
Quirky talent: Can rap the entire Tribe Called Quest’s song “Scenario”
Why you chose fitness as a career: Fitness is our foundation to having energy that leads to happiness, and motivation, that drives us to succeed. Happy people = A better world
What makes you a great coach/instructor?
I’m addicted to their progress I strive to connect with all of my clients, creating personal relationships, and being part of their support system
Life Quote: “Follow your dreams. They know the way…”

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Dionna Maria Cuneo
TKO Inferno, CWI, Crazy 8s

Dionna Maria Cuneo
Aka: Million Dollar Baby
Serial NUTELLA eater
Self Proclaimed Boxing World Champion
Kickboxing Addict
Favorite Food: Eggplant Parm
Inspired by: My clients
Certified Kickboxing Instructor, CPT
Hobbies: working out, stalking Justin Timberlake, eating, listening to Justin Timberlake’s music, shopping, liking Justin Timberlake’s insta pictures….
Goals: To live a long, happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
Likes: long romantic walks to the fridge at 1am
Dislikes: Excuses
Quirky talent: I can sing the whole Greek alphabet song … wait is that a talent?
Why you chose fitness as a career: Fitness is not just about looking good, although that is a major attribute. It is a complete mood enhancer, health booster, confidence builder, and form of therapy that you just can’t get anywhere else! When I discovered this for myself, I knew immediately that I wanted to help put it out into the world.
What makes you a great coach/instructor:
Something that makes me a great coach/instructor is always keeping in mind that I was once at “day one” of my fitness journey, and knowing that it isn’t always an easy process, it takes a lot of work, and that I am STILL working and learning every day, therefore I can completely relate to my clients. I LOVE watching their progress!
Life Quote: “Spread LOVE as thick as you would Nutella.”

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Ryan Critchley
Body Blitz, CWI, Burnout BANDitz

Ryan Critchley
Aka: Naked Cowboy
Certified Exos Fitness Specialist, NASM
Serial pizza eater- if you have a slice, I will steal it
Self Proclaimed professional singer and dancer; I shake mah booty!
Cookie Addict- choc chip and peanut butter
Favorite Food: meatball pizza and garlic knots
Inspired by: my brother
Hobbies: playing basketball, shirtless selfies, singing my heart out at karaoke and breaking it down on the dance floor
Goals: To work for a professional sports team and work till I can sit on an island and get paid for it
Likes: anything covered in peanut butter
Dislikes: people who doubt themselves
Quirky talent: serenading women with my sexy voice
Why you chose fitness as a career: to show people that they can do and be anything and anyone they want to be. Anything is possible
What makes you a great coach/instructor: my positive energy and outgoing personality
Life Quote: You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Jennifer Renee Kelsey

Aka: Vino Vinyasi

Serial peanut butter eater

Self Proclaimed gangsta rappa

Wine Addict

Favorite Food: Pizza and vino

Inspired by: Yoga, dedicated people, love, dirty dancing, running, the enchantment of the ocean, oh and did I say wine?

Hobbies: Yoga, running, anything outdoors, lifting things up and throwing sh*t down, and umm vino.

Goals: To run the NYC marathon, do a handstand, help as many people as I can find their true self, health and wealth, and ya know drink vino.

Likes: Nice people, smiling- smiling is my favorite, protein shakes, sushi, selfies, crying, making friends, ice cream and you guessed it ….vino

Dislikes: Closed minded people, snakes, Lima beans, spiders, complainers

Quirky talent: Crow pose while sippin some vino

Certifications if any: Vinyasa yoga teacher, Early childhood- Secondary Education, Special Education.

Why you chose fitness as a career-  I didn’t choose fitness , fitness chose me ( yes I was rappin). I found yoga about 10 years ago and it saved my life. I found a way to cope with the “monkey mind” that was taking over my life. Then I became a yoga teacher and it my world changed. It was here I found a way to connect with others and make an impact. I became a nutritional cleanse coach and the universe literally has conspired to connect me with like minded people who allow me to join their journey in this beautiful thing call life.

What makes you a great coach/instructor- First of all, I’m  super cool (my 3 year old students tell me all the time). And I like to laugh and be real. My classes are more upbeat than the traditional yoga class and leave you feeling motivated yet relaxed and more aware of who you are as an entire being. Not to mention the workout that comes along with the flowing, it’s sure to leave you glowing!

Life Quote:  Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth “You owe me”. Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. –Hafiz